Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência e Tecnologia Ambiental -  Rua Deputado Heitor de Alencar Furtado, 5000 - Bloco C - Bairro Ecoville CEP 81280-340 - Curitiba - PR - Brasil. - Fone: (41) 3279 4516.


Environmental Technologies and Processes

The Graduate Program in Environmental Science and Technology (PPGCTA) develops work related to treatment and/or waste biotransformation, biological indicators of environmental quality, environmental monitoring and management, and its faculty composed of professionals from different fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy and engineering. The PPGCTA aims to produce knowledge focused on environmental issues in different sectors of society; qualify professionals with regard to solving existing environmental problems, with the development of scientific and technological activities in the field of Environmental Science and Technology; promote the interaction of academia with the industrial sector and the community, favoring the perception of the need for innovative and environmentally friendly projects; to promote the development of projects applied to sustainable development, environmental control and waste minimization; enable UTFPR graduates and the outside community to access multidisciplinary training close to their training region. The PPGCTA seeks to disseminate its work through social activities, in addition to disseminating its results through the publication of papers in periodicals, as well as encouraging the generation of patents.


Through an interdisciplinary approach, the projects developed within this line of research include:
I - the development of new technologies for non-generation, re-use, and recycling and treatment of waste.
II - waste treatment using technologies with biological, chemical and physical systems, such as advanced oxidative processes, membrane separation processes, with an emphasis on integrated treatment processes.
III - the development of alternative fuels in substitution of conventional energies.


Through an interdisciplinary approach, the projects developed within this line of research aim at:
I - to evaluate the structure and functioning of ecosystems, with emphasis on biological diversity and density of organisms.
II - to evaluate the changes caused by anthropic actions, such as deforestation, industrialization, urbanization and damming, in communities and ecosystems.
III - study the emissions of pollutants, their dynamics in the ecosystem (reactions, interactions, levels), transportation, modeling methods, simulation and chemical analytical prediction in the watershed;
IV - to develop studies of bioindicators and biosensors applied to the environment;
V - evaluate the construction, operation, management and feasibility of wetlands implantation.

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