Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência e Tecnologia Ambiental -  Rua Deputado Heitor de Alencar Furtado, 5000 - Bloco C - Bairro Ecoville CEP 81280-340 - Curitiba - PR - Brasil. - Fone: (41) 3279 4516.

Teaching Staff Area

- Ecotoxicology; use of bioassays in monitoring. of pollutants after treatment by advanced processes.
- Agroindustrial waste.
- Treatment of industrial effluents.
- Environmental management; Solid waste management.
- Treatment of sanitary sewers.
- Environmental microbiology.
- Environmental biotechnology.
- Evaluation of river basins.
- Applied Liquid Chromatography; Development of chromatographic methods for analysis in environmental matrices.
- Treatment of water supply.
- Treatment of sewage, industrial effluents and water supply by advanced processes; Monitoring of organic micropollutants by chromatography.
- Spatial analysis of environmental data; Use of geostatistics methodology in data processing.
- Assessment, structure and management of aquatic environments; Ecology of communities (Limnology).
- Ecotoxicology: assessment of the toxicity of emerging contaminants and biomonitoring.

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